3D Paper

The 3D printing technology requires new innovative materials with high environmental sustainability, properties not owned by the materials used today, such as ABS (not biodegradibile) and PLA (biodegradabiIe but is not recyclable).

NextMaterials Srl has developed in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano a new material for 3D printing high-environmental sustainability based on recycled paper in a water-soluble matrix (produced without subtracting fertile agricultural land), so it can be recycled with paper and cardboard. The material is perfectly weldable by simple wetting with water, easily moldable, can be polished by rubbing in mixture water / ethyl alcohol. The printed pieces can be stainable with solvent-based glazes to provide stability over time and is waterproof. The printing conditions are particularly simple: temperature 180 ° C, high-speed printing, cold plate, without lacquer, fan off.

The material has been the subject of a patent filed in joint ownership between Politecnico di Milano and NextMaterials srl. The fiber is marketed by Sharebot Ltd. (www.sharebot.it).

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